Electromechanical Relays

• RF Relays SMT & Through hole
• High Performance Relays
• SMT Centigrid© & TO-5 Relays
• Commercial Relays
• Established Reliability and Military
• HI-REL / Space Relays

Military / Aerospace / Space / Industrial / Commercial / Semiconductor application
Bypass in Broadcast Equipment
Channel Selector in Broadcast Equipment
Programmable Attenuators
Calibration Circuit Test Equipment
Load Boards Semiconductor Test
Avionics / Oscilloscopes
Spectrum Analyzers
Radar / Navigation / Guidance
Aircraft Avoidance Radar
Satellite Communications
HDTV Professional Video Equipment Signal
Power Solid State Relays and Motor Controllers

• Motor Controllers
• DC Solid State Relays
• Single Phase AC Output Solid State Relays
• Dual Output AC Solid State Relays
• Three Phase Solid State Relays
• Quad Output AC Solid State Relays

Military / Industrial / Commercial application
Mould preheating equipment
Welding equipment
Compression molding
Wave soldering / Industrial furnaces
Air humidifiers / Compressors
Fans / Conveyor belts
Mil-Aero Solid State Relays

• DC Solid State Relays
• Bi-Directional Solid State Relays / AC Solid State Relays
• Commercial, Low Power, I/O Modules
• Input / Output Modules - DIP

Military / Aerospace / Space application
Short Circuit Protection
Status / System Feedback
Current Limit
Surface mount or through-hole